Stellar platform connects banks, payments systems, and people.

StellarF is a non-profit community run by people who love Stellar coin and sharing knowledge.

1. Register and get free 100 STR Welcome bonus

– Jul 2020-Dec 2020: 100 STR

– Jan 2021-Jun 2021: 50 STR

– Jul 2021-Dec 2021: 25 STR

2. StellarF Referral Program:

Invite your friends to StellarF and Earn 50 STR for each user you refer to!

–  Jul 2020-Dec 2020: Earn 100 STR for each user you refer to!

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Our Powerful Features

Instant 100 STR Welcome Bonus

15% of the total will be distributed to people who sign up for an account.

Earn from Referrals

Refer your friend to and earn 100 STR for every friend who signs up.

Zero transaction fee

With a near zero transaction fee, the STR Token can be used for micropayment transactions.

Global Transactions

Send and receive money using simple username or email

Move money quickly

With Average ledger time for Stellar network is 3-5s (Near-instant), Money (STR) could be move like email.

Simplicity & Security

Stellar’s model of atomic multi-operation transactions leads to more auditable code, limits uncertainty, and decreases the risk of harm from bad actors who may exploit program vulnerabilities

Stellar Finance Token Distribution

  • 15% Direct signup
  • 15% Referral Program
  • 30% Content creators
  • 10% Marketing, Exchange Listing fee
  • 10% Team, Advisors
  • 20% Bank Program


Simple & Secure
Stellar Wallet

LOBSTR is a great way to get started with Stellar.
Simple, smooth and secure, it has all what it takes to manage your Lumens wisely.

STR Chart


How many StellarF accounts can I create?

We do not ban one person creating multiple accounts but all must be activated.To active you need to send 5 XLM to your Stellar Public Key.If your account is inactive for more than 30 days, it may be deleted by StellarF to limit cheat accounts.

Why must you activate your stellar wallet?

Wallet activation is done by essentially funding the wallet with some XLM. This activation is mandated by the Stellar network to prevent spammers from spamming the network with new accounts.
It is recommended to deposit at least 5 XLM for smooth operation.
Once the payment is received, the wallet will be activated and we will be able to use it to interact with Stellar.

Get In Touch

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